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04 January 2016

Respisafe Purifying Paint

When you think about air pollution the first thing that crosses your mind is outdoor smoke and exhausts, but did you know that indoor air can be up to 10 times more polluted than outdoor air? This indoor air pollution is in part due to dangerous airborne chemicals called VOCs that once inhaled cause a range of health effects including irritation in the eyes, nose and throat, nausea and headaches, severe allergies and skin rashes, coughing and wheezing, pulmonary oedema (accumulation of fluid in the lung) and some types of cancer.

Formaldehyde, a known carcinogen and chemical widely used in everyday household’s products such as carpets, paints, furniture, textiles, pressed-wood furniture, drapery, glues, insulation materials, paper products, etc. is the most common and most dangerous VOC, considered to be number 1 indoor air pollutant. As people spend 80% of their time in a closed environment, there is a growing concern about formaldehyde buildup in our schools, homes, and buildings and on its impact on our health.

Respisafe contains anti-formaldehyde technology that reacts with the dangerous chemical present in the air, capturing formaldehyde and transforming it into harmless vapor. As such, Respisafe effectively clean the air we are breathing indoor just like a tree would clean the oxygen outside.

Going beyond safety, Repisafe combines formaldehyde abetment with high-performance technologies such as burnish resistance, crack-bridging, stain-resistance and anti-bacterial properties to produce a revolutionary 5 in 1 coating that can make you rethink what paint can do for your interiors and your health without compromise on color selection.

The efficacy of RESPISAFE® has been proven through laboratory testing that shows over 80% formaldehyde abatement in the first 24 hours after a room has been painted. These tests have been conducted in accordance with the most rigorous standards worldwide in response to growing concern over the health effects of formaldehyde exposure in homes, schools and other indoor settings.

Respisafe Purifying Paint

  • In some countries, formaldehyde is identified as the silent killer gas.
  • In many countries, formaldehyde is used as an additive to food to extend shelf-life.
  • New rooms with pressed-wood furniture and/or carpets are likely to have higher formaldehyde levels, and the gas accumulates very quickly if ventilation is poor.
  • China has the most stringent regulations regarding indoor air quality and formaldehyde concentration.

To learn more visit the RESPISAFE product page.

Respisafe Purifying Paint
Respisafe Purifying Paint

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