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24 September 2022

Interior Trends 2023

Discover Colortek's forecast in paint colors and decorative effects for 2023. Sit back, and enjoy the ride with us through a world of beautiful, robust, and refined collection of colors and finishes that convey serenity, desire, and contrasted natural world shades.

Interior Trends 2023


We cocoon ourselves consciously to find warmth and intimacy, to charge our batteries for a new normal. Here is our place to nourish our hopes and nurture ourselves, before we emerge.

The cocooning trend is all about regaining energy to prepare for a "new normal". Warm, soft, and bright tones create a cozy ambiance along with wood and other natural materials, this trend makes us feel at ease. A few splashes of (After The Crush 109-1) red hue, gives a sense of vigor in between.


Our roots and traditions can not hold us back. We are heading towards a new normal. Discover a new adventure. Like our ancestors, we set out into the unknown, to brave the elements.

A bombastic trend where red and blue take a very important position supported by more earthy colors. Passages is simply an example of different colors that are similar in there blackness with a contrasting hue in the comeback of orange.


The surge of a new normal. where we are who we really are and want to be. Re-Genesis is the new normal from our most rooted and traditional values to a new, sincere and profoundly personal normal.

This is a contrasting constellation trend of light and dark nuances where metal tones are perceived in a completely different way, representing the renewal and re-birth of ourselves.


We have created a new normal, a huge mission we accomplished playfully and with joy! The surge of a new normal, where we are, who we really are, and always wanted to be.

Lastly, this trend brings out the playful character of our new normal, both digitally and physically. From chromatic shades like ultramarine and light blue to orange, paired with pastel variations.

Interior Trends 2023
Interior Trends 2023

Interior Trends 2023
24 September 2022

Interior Trends 2023

Paint Colors and Decorative Finishes Trends 2023

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