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17 January 2023

Colortek Now on BIMobject!

Colortek is thrilled to announce its integration into the esteemed BIMobject platform. This strategic collaboration opens an avenue for professionals across diverse Architectural, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industries to seamlessly render Colortek's offerings through the now available Autodesk material files compatibe with Revit, 3DS Max or AutoCad and other visualization programs.

Colortek Now on BIMobject!


During the process of 3D modelling for project designs, Architects, Designers and Engineers require access to pertinent "building blocks" to effectively visualize and assess their options.

The availability of Colortek Autodesk materials on BIMobject will significantly assist users in sourcing these essential components at no cost and irrespective of georgraphical boundaries, thereby delivering design aspirations directly to their fingertips!

The digitalization of Colortek finishes not only enhances your digital journey with the avant-gardiste brand but also enriches your Colortek Experiential Retail Center (ERC) experience significantly. Our in-house design consultancy services will also help you visualize your desired finishes on specific or standard designs, amplifying the benefits garnered from our digital offerings.

Colortek Now on BIMobject!
17 January 2023

Colortek Now on BIMobject!

Colortek Decorative Textures now available as AutoDesk materials on BIMobject!

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