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07 April 2022

MOTF ft. Colortek's Neoterrazzo: The future is unfolding.

The Talk of the Town

We all heard about the novel and outstanding Museum of the Future (MOTF), an architectural and engineering marvel, confidently straddling the past and the future, and applying advanced technologies to traditional art forms.

Colortek took part in the making of this post-modernist building, which is referred to, everywhere in the world as: "The most beautiful building in the world".
MOTF ft. Colortek's Neoterrazzo: The future is unfolding.

Futuristic and avant-guardist

Together with the MOTF, we made dreams and aspirations of the future a reality. This futuristic post-modernist project is one of the most advanced on earth. The whole elegant and aesthetically pleasing outcome generated by Colortek made it all worth the while.

How it went

For the MOTF project, we vowed to offer the most exquisite, versatile, innovative, and functional range of products and solutions.

We applied Colortek Neoterrazzo® seamless flooring system to a large area of the building; 2500 sqm to be precise, while embellishing its walls with a touch of elegance using Colortek's Marmorino paint. 

Colortek was able to skillfully handle this project from color matching to execution and successfully deliver top notch and avant-gardist results, while combining high-performance functionality, designer aesthetics, and synergy between lab works (R&D), demand, and contracting.

Steadfastness and enlightenment

All of our efforts over the years have earned us the reputation of being a forward-thinking brand and a solution provider that consistently innovates and brings to market products that are compliant with international standards of performance, safety and sustainability.

To have landed top notch clients such as the MOTF and others is a significant step forward toward many more adventures ahead and is strong evidence of our steadfastness and high standards.

MOTF ft. Colortek's Neoterrazzo: The future is unfolding.
MOTF ft. Colortek's Neoterrazzo: The future is unfolding.

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MOTF ft. Colortek's Neoterrazzo: The future is unfolding.
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