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03 December 2020

Interiors Trends 2021

Discover Colortek's forecast in paint colors and decorative effects for 2021. Take a moment, and follow us through a world of intriguing, balanced, and deeply soothing collections with forgotten hues, undiscovered combinations, and inspiring stories to find the palette that speaks to you.

Interiors Trends 2021


This is a comforting trend where we escape reality into a room that is sweet and tender. The colors are a combination of soft pastel and white, enhanced with a deep and dark blue accent.

The pink NCS S 1030-R10B, balanced by the accent dark blue NCS S 6030-R90B, is an important part of this mood. The pink is key to achieve the final mood of fresh sweetness and relief. It should thus be used on smaller surfaces in the room. The dark blue functions as a bridge between the hues, making sure you avoid that this trend becomes too cute. It creates a contrast that makes a beautiful and vivid room.


This collection emits a feeling of mysticism, luxury, and elegance. The color mood of this trend is about submerging into a mystic world, finding comfort in the darkness. The colors are a combination of both dark and lighter shades. The light colors are to be used as accents and spot colors. In this mood, the dark colors should dominate on greater areas.

The deep and dark colors in this trend can both be used separately on walls or combined together to create an elegant and dynamic room. The colors are very similar in nuance which makes them easy to use together. In case you choose to use only one of the dark colors for your wall, try to have at least one more on details such as cushions. To further emphasize the mood of this trend, you need to have spots of light in the room. NCS S 1020-G50Y is a light green color that creates a beautiful contrast to the darker shades.


This collection is for those who want to be trendy and bold. The colors are natural but strong, exactly what our folklore represents. This creates a feeling of being proud of who we are and where we are from. The yellow and the green wall colors are very different ­in nuance and hue, but similar in yellowness, a contrast that makes any room come to life.

The grey color NCS S 2010-G30Y is tinted in both yellow and green and goes very well together with the two wall colors of this trend. It is a perfect color to frame the walls with, for windows, doors, etc. Add NCS S 2070-R on smaller spots to make the room feel fresh. When you combine these colors with the light yellow NCS S 0507-Y20R and light pink NCS S 1020-Y70R on details such as cushions or similar, the room gets balanced and elegant.


This is a very warm trend. Brown shades are important in our lives today. They give us tranquility and assurance. These wall colors are both yellow-red mid-tones, one lighter than the other. None of them will be perceived as very light or very dark. All of the colors in this group are similar in hue which makes the colors comforting and harmonizing.

NCS S 5040-Y60R is a darker and quite chromatic reddish-brown that is perfect to frame both of the wall colors. The contrast of chromatics together with a similarity in hue has a stylish effect. NCS S 0907-Y10R, a light yellow, and NCS S 1502-Y50R, a light yellowish and reddish grey, are both perfect to use on details in the room. NCS S 7010-Y70R is the very needed dark contrast color that is beautiful to use as a detail in combination with the other two lighter shades. If you use NCS S 1010-Y30 R as wall color, it is even more important that the dark color exists as an accent. All of the colors are similar in hue which assures a perfect, warm harmony.

Interiors Trends 2021
Interiors Trends 2021

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Interiors Trends 2021
03 December 2020

Interiors Trends 2021

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