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31 May 2021

Summer in the Great Indoors

Summer is just around the corner and we are longing for the easy summertime living. If you are missing the fresh summer breeze, flowers in bloom and sunny afternoons, there is no need to go far for a getaway this year, just turn your home into the perfect staycation spot using Colortek’s refreshing hues and vibrant colors.

Summer in the Great Indoors

Dreaming of the warmer months ahead, nothing screams summer more than a bright sunny shade. Lift up your spirits and give your interiors a boost using Juniper and Viola Sun Wallpapers paired with Mustard 129 paint shade: light, bright and breezy. Bold yellows need to be toned down; a very light Salt 260 or strong Magnetic 274 can do wonders balancing out the room without steeling the spotlight away. For a more sophisticated look, mix in a chameleon chromatic color shift effect of pearlescent clean white and light grey with our Alma Arcilla 250/79 decorative paint and you are good to go!

Looking for something cheerful but just a little more playful? An energizing, bold burst of naughty red-orange with the Ratan Fiesta Wild Wallpaper will do the trick for a cheeky whimsy. Contrast the look with a serene yet expansive sea blue to translate the calmness of the soothing bright summer sky in a Velutto Organza 1500/36 decorative paint. This clash of feels brings the best out of both worlds and englobes them into a complete summer experience.

For a purely nature-inspired look, get hooked on the colors of the tropic. Portray a green foliage exotic vibe from the Fuji and Taro Emerald wallpapers to bring the adventure of the wilderness and its rich bold patterns right to your doorstep. A call to the fresh air combined with a green sandy effect from the Dunes decorative range will bring the outdoors-indoors in the stroke of a trowel.

Summer in the Great Indoors
Summer in the Great Indoors

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