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01 January 2019

Interiors Trends 2019

Each year Colortek releases a collection of interior design palettes which forecasts what will be the dominating trend regarding paint colors, wallpaper textures, and decorative effects. For 2019, our color experts were inspired from our clients across continents, embedding in their choices the sights, sounds, and smells of the cultures they discovered, and the spirit of the people that welcomed them.

Interiors Trends 2019

The end result? An overarching emphasis on balance, with raw textures and soft neutrals tones, juxtaposed with vibrant greens and playful, tropical brights – a broad-reaching palette that reflects the individuality of our clients and the uniqueness of the Colortek experience that binds them together in a shared passion for colors and design.

Allowing for a wide range of moods to be created, from the minimalist, uncomplicated interiors, to more contemporary or glamorous settings, this year’s trends collection can be introduced into your home on a large scale or in smaller ways. If you’d like to see more and find out how to incorporate our colors and beautiful textures, head to the nearest Colortek showroom and make sure to browse our website and blog for more inspiration!

Interiors Trends 2019
Interiors Trends 2019

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