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03 January 2018

Interiors Trends 2018

It's no secret that at Colortek®, we are in love with anything related to interior design. While we are always on the lookout for inspiration, we also work behind the scenes to inspire you and with 2018 almost upon us, it is time to launch the Colortek® Interiors Collections, our own take on decorative paints, colors and wallpaper trends for the upcoming year.

More than ever, we wanted these collections to reflect your growing appetite for flexibility by introducing unusual yet elegant textures, colors, and patterns. Untypical shades and original combinations underscore the 2018 Colortek® Interiors Collections, breaking you free of traditional color guidelines...allowing you to explore, experiment and create the unexpected.

Interiors Trends 2018

Autumn embodies the spirit of changing seasons. Its hushed tones reflect our desire for simplicity and are ideal when it comes to creating soft and balanced spaces.

The Enigmatic Collection conveys energy, sophistication, and serenity. You will find multi-dimensional and grounded hues, while others exude a vibrant feeling. Whether used on their own or in combination, these colors and decorative finishes allow for the creation of simple or complex powerful spaces.

Stepping away from the stark light and dark contrasts and embracing color fluidity, The Genesis palette draws from a desire for mindful living in an environment where we can disconnect and recharge with sandy browns, grays, and hazy greens that harmonize perfectly.

The desire for colorful self-expression is the key take away from the New School Collection, with a palette directly inspired by our younger customers' growing appetite for flexibility in color expression and the undeterred optimism and confidence driving their lives.

The Oasis palette combines uplifting shades and feel-good tones with neutral shades. The core shades and contrasting hues provide a solid foundation to create a new level of energy for any interior.

Travel recognizes the innate sense of freedom and desire to connect in all of us. Borders are non-issues when it comes to the colors and decorative textures featured in this palette, made of modern and playful shades, bringing in watery tones of blue that are balanced with neutral, warm earthy tones.


Interiors Trends 2018
Interiors Trends 2018

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