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23 March 2021

Colortek Neoterrazzo X Dubai Roads and Transport Authority.

Created by venetian builders in the 15th Century as low-cost terrace tiles through combining chips of marble and other composite materials, Terrazzo is to this day a commercial favorite. Combining high-performance functionality and designer aesthetics, Colortek’s Neoterrazzo is ideal for high-traffic areas that require extremely durable finishes with low-maintenance cycles, both requirements being critical in the Dubai Roads and Transportation Authority choice of a Terrazzo flooring to be implemented in their expansion project.

Colortek Neoterrazzo X Dubai Roads and Transport Authority.

Traveling stations bear the transition of an infinite number of travelers daily, enduring their sharp heels, hefty stomps, luggage rollers, and a thousand other challenging conditions. Colortek’s Neoterrazzo is downright for heavy-duty industrial environments: With its stone-hard durability, scratch resistance, and versatility in application (curbs, walls, floors, countertops…) this decorative flooring makes it easier for people to travel on and for the RTA to maintain.

For a round-the-clock service, the need for minimal disruptive maintenance is essential in this project. Neoterrazzo’s hard surface makes its cleaning easier and less costly while its long lifecycle makes the need for maintenance less frequent. 

Transportation stations are by nature septic and impersonal zones. Neoterrazzo’s non-porous finish blocks microbial growth and moisture accumulation, offering a germ and mold free environment for a safe and hygienic travel.

Neoterrazzo’s merits do not stop at functionality. The choice of flooring in transport stations help create the traveler experience: from building a specific mood to delineating clear zones and supporting wayfinding, Neoterrazzo covers it all. Executed by Colortek Dubai, the final seamless finish features a uniform color scheme, highlighting the open flowing spaces that travelers experience throughout their journey.

N.B. for the environment-friendly readers: Not only does 

Neoterrazzo contain recycled materials, but its low-maintenance requirements also plays a big role in its sustainability feature.

Colortek Neoterrazzo X Dubai Roads and Transport Authority.
Colortek Neoterrazzo X Dubai Roads and Transport Authority.

Colortek Neoterrazzo X Dubai Roads and Transport Authority.
23 March 2021

Colortek Neoterrazzo X Dubai...

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