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25 April 2018

Mood Boosting Colors

Taste and preferences in home décor may vary, but it seems that you may want to consider using certain colors as accents around the home, because they can actually help boost your mood and make you happier.

Turns out, those colors that can encourage positive emotions are yellow and green — and there is scientific evidence to back it up. According to research done at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam, Netherlands, one study showed that adults felt happier when in the presence of yellow and green. Since these two colors remind us of sunshine and grassy green fields, we're not surprised at these findings. After all, numerous studies also suggest that spending time in nature helps to fight depression.

Mood Boosting Colors

So, if you're looking for ways to create positive vibes in your living quarters, we'd recommend adding yellow and green accent colors to your rooms. But where to start?

With thousands of combinations possible, Colortek paint shops have all you need to get you started and to welcome the sea breeze and hot days ahead with some yellow freshness and a splash of green goodness straight out of our favorite paints and wallpaper collections!

Check this colorful mood board from our Oxygen wallpaper book sets the tone right with a fun, vintage vibe. Once you establish a yellow and green palette such as this, you can accessorize with hues that bridge the two colors like in the examples below.

Remember that these Colors can also be use to create dramatic exterior as well!

Be sure to drop by one of our Colortek paint stores and share with us your vision for that new fresh interior space you're aiming for, and we will help you figure out the fine details for your project!

Until then, happy color hunting and stay tuned because we still have a long list of inspiring posts to share with you!

Mood Boosting Colors
Mood Boosting Colors

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