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28 February 2019

Uncomplicated Spaces

Wishing you can come home to an uncomplicated space that brings you serenity after a day cluttered by endless requests from people who can’t make up their mind?  Well, we can’t help with the people part, but we sure have you covered for that little corner of paradise.

At Colortek, when it comes to creating uncluttered interiors, we immediately think of shade of whites combined with our seamless resin floorings to create minimalistic and simple settings where the purity of the white paint and floors will bounce the light throughout the rooms.

Now, when it comes to seamless floors, you have a broad spectrum of choice, from the concrete look of our signature Neocement, to the luxurious Colortek Terrazzo Flooring. For this article, however, we limited ourselves to inspiring interiors that can be achieved by using Colortek Urban, a balanced choice that combines the functionality of high-performance floors with the purity of joint-free surfaces to create the perfect backdrop for city dwellers looking to imprint their identity onto a single unified space.

Uncomplicated Spaces


If you’ve ever tried to choose the perfect white paint for your interior, you’ll know how overwhelming it can seem. No two whites are the same, and the tones and variations can seem limitless and confusing. It’s hard even to know where to start! Fear not, that is why we have created the Colortek Essentials collections, and we have enlisted our color design experts to help us navigate the options you have to choose that perfect white paint for your walls.


Warm and cool whites have different undertones and can help you set a mood within a room. Various elements, such as the amount of natural light your home receives and the colors of your flooring and soft furnishings, can affect the way a shade looks on your walls.


"Software" (Colortek Essentials 267) is warm white which versatility makes it suited for contemporary, as well as traditional homes. It is an excellent choice if you are giving your home a facelift. It is easy to work with when styling with fresh plants and light colored furniture.

"Simple" (Colortek Essentials 262) is a warm, welcoming color that also benefits from depth, and that makes it ideal for use in a space that doesn’t get much bright sunlight.

"Neutral" (Colortek Essentials 261) is the superhero of all whites as it is fresh and crisp without being austere and clinical. It is an “all-rounder” that works in varied conditions and spaces.

"Fashion" (Colortek Essentials 266) is a beautiful warm white that has the slightest ‘biscuit’ undertone – it should be your go-to when creating cozy, intimate spaces.


Refined (Colortek Essentials 293) sits in the middle of “the yellow and blue tones. It is the purest white you can get from our collections and together with "Black Ebony" (Colortek 1232 / 136-1), the cool-toned, clean and energizing colors will suit modern homes with timber or concrete floorings, as well as hard surface areas like the kitchen and bathroom.

"Gravity" (Colortek Essentials 270) is a versatile white that has a slightly blueish undertone – it is crisp, clean and bright and works beautifully in modern spaces, as well as a backdrop for colorful and eclectic art, furnishings, and homewares.

"Hazy" (Colortek Essentials 271) is a bold white and pairs brilliantly with timber flooring, exposed brick, and concrete floors. It is a perfect shade for displaying your artwork collection or bouncing around lots of natural sunlight.


Regardless of the white you choose, we recommend using sample pots to test the colors. Paint large swatches on the wall, and live with them for at least a few days to see how they change under varying light conditions. And if you need help, remember that one of our color technologists is always at hand!

Uncomplicated Spaces
Uncomplicated Spaces

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