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11 February 2021

Stunningly Bold Designs With Colortek Terrazzo

Terrazzo finishes have long been reminiscent of Italy’s famous venetian villas. Today, that material transcends its origins and bridges the gap between civilizations, having been redefined in its creative use across the globe. Italian architects Elena Gregorutti and Giorgio Palermo from NIU Design Studio took this merger of materials and cultures to a new level through their masterful blend of Middle Eastern and Italian references, in the retro-futuristic Grapes and Dates cafe located at Last Exit, Al Khawaneej, Dubai.

Stunningly Bold Designs With Colortek Terrazzo

Creating an enticing modern interior that blends cultural heritage and provides maximum aesthetic impact in just 30 sqm was a challenge to say the least. Nonetheless, nobody can deny that the end-result is stunning. Partly Inspired by the small ice cream shops of southern Italy, the bold use of abstract Arabic calligraphy on the ceiling and upper walls adds a strong Arabian flavor, while Colortek’s Terrazzo was used for the walls and flooring to create a modern, uninterrupted enveloping environment.

The hygienic qualities of Colortek’s terrazzo featured on the seamless floor and countertop are also ideally suited for Grapes and Dates, an upscale health food concept within the F&B sector, for whom architects and designers must often develop hard-wearing hygienic spaces that are easy to maintain, while giving customers the unique tactile and visual experience brands constantly strive for. 

For more information on all the technical details behind this latest addition to our decorative line, consult the product page or drop us an email and we will get back to you with all the info you need!

Photography by Alex Jeffries Photography Group

Stunningly Bold Designs With Colortek Terrazzo
Stunningly Bold Designs With Colortek Terrazzo

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