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10 March 2021

Creating an Urban Nature feel with Industrial Materials.

Wondering how you can incorporate industrial material into modern interiors, all while adding a touch of nature? Keep reading…

Creating an Urban Nature feel with Industrial Materials.

Iron rust and concrete. Yes, you read right. We are offering you an elegant twist on the most industrial feel there is, transforming chemical reactions and construction material into a sophisticated flair. Creating a contrast between the Neocement concrete effect and the Oxyd rust effect will completely change your perspective on obsoletism: Welcome to the world of vintage walls.

Pick the wall you want to accent and make it your centerpiece by forming a distinctive, authentic, and timeless look of bronze and copper with Morsus Rust 406 oxyd effect wallpaper from the Earth Collection. A look stained by the elements, showcasing the impact of time over creation, this eye-striking upshot of mother nature’s “wear and tear” will effortlessly make a statement.

To balance out the warmth of the maroon, we recommend adding a pop of brightness with Colortek’s Neocement decorative finish in its light Loft 200/121 shade - this dash of color will give life to the outworn as if to optimize its use. The modern touch in this décor comes from the grey, the contemporary neutral that will establish a connection between the industrial feel and the novel aura. The lighter the shade, the more it contrasts with the wallpaper, and the less the room will feel drab.

But hey, if you are aiming for dramatic, this effect comes in a black and grey palette with the Morsus Caviar 401 wallpaper, combined with the darker Fusion 200/122 Neocement shade for the perfect monochrome impact. Echoing back to the undertones in the wallpaper harmonizes the colors and smoothens out the wallpaper texture. The unity and depth of the shades give consistency to the mood and put the décor pieces together.

Customization lovers, we’ve got you covered too! You can replace the wallpaper with unique paint patterns and colors tailored to your tastes. Opt for Colortek’s Oxyd Effect Decorative Finish for a noteworthy trace.

Creating an Urban Nature feel with Industrial Materials.
Creating an Urban Nature feel with Industrial Materials.

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