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01 February 2019

Bedroom Paint Colors and Design Tips

Designer: Inna Sparrow
Photos Courtesy of Inna sparrow 

Lately, it seems like sleep is something we all want more of, especially with the extra hours we've been pulling working on the exciting stuff we have in store for you this year (more on that in future articles).

While there aren’t any more hours in the day we can steal, there are ways to improve the quality of the sleep we are getting (no diet and exercise advice here, although we should probably get more of that too). Unsurprisingly, our bedroom environment plays a crucial role in achieving a good night's sleep, and ultimately, health and happiness.

There are simple things you can change to create a healthier sleeping environment, and in this bedroom project, Inna has hit every single note needed to design a peaceful and relaxing sanctuary that promotes optimum rest.

Bedroom Paint Colors and Design Tips


Your bedroom should be cool rather than too warm – lower temperatures tell your body it’s time to sleep and that is why Inna's choice of cool neutrals and soft pastels is spot on. These tones are a good choice for the bedroom because they’re relaxing and are all about calming your nervous system. The texture of the Colortek decorative finish adds depth and a natural feel to the room. 


The clean lines and clutter-free space provide a relaxing visual stimulus. Nothing that does not belong in the bedroom like a TV, computers, exercise equipment, can be seen and this is precisely how it should be. A lot of us find it hard to switch off at night and go to sleep, and having clutter in your bedroom is not going to help!


Soft furnishings and fabrics help in creating a soothing space that promotes relaxation. When it comes to sleeping, you should be surrounded by softness and support, and Inna's layering of the bed and choice of fabrics that are soft to touch will get you there!


Darkness is an essential factor in getting to sleep. Make sure you have good curtains and blinds to block out any outside light and have dimmer switches on the bedroom lights. Your bedroom should be dark at night, but equally important is that it’s light and bright during the day.


As obvious as it sounds your mattress and pillow are the most important things to get right. It’s amazing though how many people put up with an old or ill-considered mattress that is having a negative impact on their sleep, wellbeing, and health. Given the amount of time we spend in bed, it’s critical to invest in a good quality mattress and pillow that are appropriate to our bodies, sleeping habits, and needs.

And that's a wrap. Be sure to implement some of these tips and for more about Inna's work, be sure to check her website and Instagram.


Bedroom Paint Colors and Design Tips
Bedroom Paint Colors and Design Tips

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