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15 March 2021

Explore the depths of the desert with Colortek Dunes.

Colortek Dunes is a decorative paint effect that combines ethnic traditions with stylish décor. This water-based effect turns the roughness of the sand into a fine-textured polychromatic finish to immerse you in a neutral, calming, yet rich ornate paint mirage.

Explore the depths of the desert with Colortek Dunes.

Dunes’ uniform sandy finish comes in an array of colors and waves of mystical feels. 

From the Sahara’s tones to coastal vibes, Dunes differentiates itself from regular paint with its versatile looks and unique ambiance.

In the spirit of moonlit breezes, dusky nights, and the shine of quartz in the soil, Dunes flourishes an intimate mood for the warmest of interiors. Its fading dimness enrobes light rays for a penumbral shadow effect – The darker the shade, the cozier the room.

This homogenous mixture of metallic flakes and thin crystaline specks gives Dunes not only incomparable character from its light absorption property, but it also makes it into an architectural paint replacement thanks to its distinctive technical characteristics.

Dunes’ granule finish helps conceal irregularities in walls and hides minor defects that regular architectural paint cannot disguise. By muddling the line between perfection and imperfection, it will give a fresh re-look to flaws and cracks in your interiors.

Explore the depths of the desert with Colortek Dunes.
Explore the depths of the desert with Colortek Dunes.

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