C1A Flat Acrylic

C1A Flat Acrylic

C1A is a water-based, flat finish paint designed to deliver an outstanding balance between durability, good hide and high coverage. C1A provides a flat finish that has excellent touch-up and is suited for both interior or exterior applications where added hide and coverage are desired.

C1A Details

Recommended For
Interior & exterior applications on plaster, embossed wall coverings, gypsum board, concrete, cement rendering, brickwork & block work.

> MPI #53 Certidied
>No lead
> Flat smooth finish
> Very low water absorption
>Reduced dirt pick up
> Very good durability
>Good opacity

Certifications & Compliance
> LEED V4 sustainable credits
>CHPS ~ 2.2.2 : Paints & Coatings
> Compliant with Directive 2004/42/EC

Data Sheet
MPI 53 Certificate.pdf
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