SportCourt Tennis and Sport Surfaces Paint

SportCourt is an all-weather, multi-sports, acrylic court paint that can be customized to ensure the desired performance, playability and appearance, making it an incredibly cost-effective way to breathe new life into asphalt or concrete surfaces. The high-performance, heavy-duty, color coating is ideal for pavements that are subjected to abuse from street shoes, roller skates, skateboards, vehicular traffic, etc. 

Recoatable and easy to apply, the system provides low maintenance and resurfacing costs, extending a court’s playing life or transforming it completely.

SportCourt Details

Recommended For
SportCourt is suitable for painting or renovating sport surfaces such as tennis courts, basketball hard courts, etc.

  • Available in 5 colors – Custom colors upon order
  • UV stable colors
  • Slip resistant
  • No heavy metals or solvents
  • Glare Resistant
  • Designed for demanding sports traffic
  • Designed for existing or new surfaces

  • US Drum
  • US Gallon

Data Sheet
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