Blockplast XT/XF

BLOCK PLAST XT/XF are exterior ready-mixed fillers that can be used as part of a system to level and correct surface imperfections and to achieve extra smooth wall surfaces before paint works. BLOCK PLAST XT/XF do not require priming before being applied. They can be used separately or as part of a system.

Blockplast XT/XF Details

Recommended For

>  Block Plast XT: coarse finish recommended as a first coat to level substrates and fill porosity.

>  Block Plast XF: extra fine finish recommended as a second coat to give a high-quality surface.

>  I

deal on facades
>  Ready- mixed
>  Excellent water-resistance
>  Adhere on all substrates even on tiles

Interior & exterior applications on cement plaster, painted or unpainted surfaces, new or renovated substrates, plasterboard, gypsum plaster, concrete, tiles, old roughcast.

Data Sheet
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