Cozmo Paints Range

Cozmo®is a complete line of smart, reactive, and interactive paints that are guaranteed to stimulate your senses and transport you into a world of wonder. Cozmo®paints react to light, blacklight, darkness and touch. With Cozmo®, you are guaranteed to create unique interiors that bring the Aurora Lights, indoors. 

Cozmo Paints Range

Cozmo Paints Range Details

Recommended For

Creating jaw-dropping interiors and DIY projects that are guaranteed to add magic to any interior or elements on which it is applied

Products List
  • Fluo Paint: 
  • Fiesta Powder
  • Moonmix
  • Space
  • Glow
  • Biofelt
  • Magia

Biofelt Data Sheet
Glow Data Sheet.pdf
Invisible Data Sheet
Magia Data Sheet
MoonMix Data Sheet
Space Data Sheet
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