Alligator Bespoke Decorative Paint

Alligator, as the name suggests, is a luxurious Croco-like repetitive stencil pattern with uneven armor domes. Mustered in vertical clusters of diverse shapes and sizes, the domes define the wall’s framing and lifts the eye higher to elongate the space, which makes it ideally suited for dining rooms, entryways, and other formal living areas.


Organic Collection -Textures inspired by raw nature 

Decorative Plaster Used: Colortek Terre de Lune

Terre de Lune is a high-build paste filler used to create realistic and complex decorative designs. It is particularly recommended for intricate designs combining different textures and requiring medium thickness and higher depth.

  • High leveling properties on masonry substrates
  • Ideal to level concrete irregularities or defects
  • Low thermal conductivity
  • Coarse and beige

Terre de Lune Substrates: 
  • Concrete
  • Shuttered concrete
  • Rendered cement
  • Bricks
  • Breeze blocks

Products Used:
  • Colortek Terre de Lune
  • Colortek Fondo F
  • Colortek Primer
  • Colortek Coacryl
  • Colortek Colorant
  • Colortek Oxibond 4005
  • Custom Stencil

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