Meadow Bespoke Decorative Paint

This floral masterpiece effortlessly represents the desire for beauty in simplicity. On a field of calm beige, pearly blooming wildflowers scatter haphazardly to visually expand the space’s dimension, envisioning the vastness of a meadow.


Floral Collection - Designs with natural balance.

Decorative Plaster Used: Colortek Toile Tissée 

Toile Tissée is a paste-based filler formulated to create 3-dimensional surfaces. It provides absorbent substrates with flexibility and stiffness which makes it particularly recommended when greater flexibility and finer details are required or to be used as a base for gilding or painting on canvas and wood when bespoke designs are meant to be implemented as wall art.

  • Ready for use
  • Low absorption
  • Reduces consumption of paint
  • Rich in resin 
  • Fireproof M0

Toile Tissée Substrates: 
  • Plastered surfaces
  • Painted surfaces
  • Primed Wood
  • Canvas
  • Paper

Products Used:
  • Colortek Toile Tissée
  • Colortek Coacryl
  • Colortek Baca
  • Colortek Oxibond 4005
  • Colortek Stencil

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