Colortek NCS Atlas

The NCS Atlas is the must-have tool for effective colour communication and colour identification which explains how colours are related to each other in NCS system. The NCS Atlas is the National Swedish and Norwegian Standard which presents all 1,950 NCS colours in the correct place in the colour space. This essential tool helps you find the colour you are looking for quickly and easily by showing the NCS Colour Circle and the NCS triangle for the hue. Compare colours successfully by blackness, whiteness and chromaticness and make the right colour decision for your team and your clients. The NCS Atlas provides additional page for the neutral and low chromatic colours.


Key Features
  • Accurate reference for discussing designs
  • Easy to navigate between colour areas
  • Useful for creating colour combinations based on blackness, whiteness and chromaticness
  • Provides an overview of the relationship between colour and light

  • All 1950 NCS color chips glued to page
  • 40 pages of colour samples, one per hue
  • Colour area of samples: 15×14 mm
  • Additional reference to neutral and low chromatic colours

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