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Pushing the boundaries of space design through a world of exquisite textures, captivating colors, and premium finishes for Walls and Floors. Explore our collections of Decorative Finishes, Architectural Paints, Industrial Paints, Waterproofing Solutions, Wood Treatment, Construction Material, Surface Preparation online or visit our showrooms.

Kassaa Group

Kassaa Group

Colortek is part of a group of companies dedicated to Manufacturing, Retail, Contracting and Brand Representation of Wall and Floor Decorative Finishes, Architectural Paints, Wall Coverings, and Protective Coatings.

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Colortek Retail Experience

Colortek Retail Experience

Visit a Colortek Paints Design and Solutions Center, and experience a different way to choose decorative effects, pick paints and colors, or browse our wallpaper collections and wall to floor coating solutions for your next big, or small project.

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Colortek Services

Colortek Services

Whether you're looking for Colortek products, a professional who uses them, or you would like to receive training in the application of paints and decorative effects, Colortek has you covered with a wide range of services.

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Wood maintenance and repair to solve all of your wood care...

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Colortek Year in Review - 2023
17 January 2023

Colortek Year in Review - 2023

2023 was a year of extraordinary milestones for Colortek. Driven by our steadfast commitment to synergy, continuous improvement, diversity, integrity, and social responsibility, each milestone became a testament to our unwavering dedication.

Colortek Decorative Coatings once again part of significant landmarks in the Emirati skyline.
15 June 2023

Colortek Decorative Coatings once again part of significant landmarks in the Emirati skyline.

A testament to Colortek's high quality and versatile products.

Colortek Year in Review - 2022
17 January 2023

Colortek Year in Review - 2022

As the new year unfolds, we reflect on the timeline of year 2022 to highlight the major milestones that market the success of Colortek around the globe.

Interiors Trends 2023
24 September 2022

Interiors Trends 2023

Paint Colors and Decorative Finishes Trends 2023

Bespoke Statement Designs
20 August 2021

Bespoke Statement Designs

Perpetuating the tradition of exclusivity and customization, here is our Haute Couture Bespoke range.

Neocement: A Concrete Work of Art.
17 July 2021

Neocement: A Concrete Work of Art.

Unleash your imagination with this lifelike faux-concrete effect.

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