RoadTec Traffic Paint

RoadTec Traffic Paint

RoadTec is a water-based traffic paint. Durable, fast-drying, this innovative, environmentally friendly paint consists of a one-pack formula designed to provide an excellent combination of flexibility, adhesion and yellowing resistance required for today’s road marking market. Ideally used for marking asphalt and concrete roads.

RoadTec Details

Recommended For
RoadTec is for marking parking lots, crossings, highways, warehouses, hospitals & schools, public buildings, airports & hotels, shopping centers, sports facilities, and is compatible over old hot-applied thermoplastics and solvent-based road markings.

> Reduced Health & Safety hazards

> Fewer solvent emissions than solvent-borne paints

> Proven excellent road performance

> Excellent adhesion properties

> Excellent color retention

> Excellent glass beads retention for better road safety

> High nighttime visibility via retroreflection

> Yellowing resistance

> Resistant to splashes of mild chemicals

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